4 October 2023

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Dol Labs Introduces Dol Atmos FlexConnect for Home Theater

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Dol Labs Introduces Dol Atmos FlexConnect for Home Theater

Dol Labs has unveiled its latest home theater technology called Dol Atmos FlexConnect. This innovative technology allows users to place wireless speakers anywhere in their home that is convenient. The TV’s built-in microphones will automatically calibrate the speakers to work harmoniously with the TV’s own speakers, resulting in optimal sound quality.

One of the key advantages of Dol Atmos FlexConnect is that it eliminates the need for a soundbar or AV receiver as the central unit of the audio system. The technology utilizes the TV’s built-in hardware and software, enabling users to set up a Dol Atmos audio system without the need for HDMI cables to transmit audio signals to external devices.

Dol Atmos FlexConnect is designed to be compatible with various smart TV software, including Google TV and Roku. However, it requires that the TV incorporates the latest Dol multi-stream decoder. This ensures that Dol Atmos FlexConnect can be incorporated into TVs from different manufacturers, giving consumers more options.

Unlike other wireless audio technologies such as Sonos, DTS Play-Fi, or WiSA, Dol Atmos FlexConnect is not tied to a specific connection or hardware. It allows TV manufacturers to choose the wireless technology and speaker types that suit their products. For example, a TV manufacturer could opt to use Bluetooth or a proprietary wireless system for linking multiple wireless speakers.

While there is no fixed limit to the number of wireless speakers or channels that Dol Atmos FlexConnect can support, individual TV makers may have their own limitations based on the processing capabilities of their internal hardware. Users have the freedom to place speakers anywhere in the room, even using a wireless speaker as the center channel.

Dol Labs has outlined four main benefits of Dol Atmos FlexConnect. These include the ability to add accessory wireless speakers to enhance the audio performance of Dol Atmos-enabled TVs, the flexibility to position speakers wherever desired without compromising audio quality, a fast and simple setup process without the need for additional equipment or cables, and intelligent audio distribution from the TV speakers to the wireless speakers based on their capabilities and location.

While many soundbars on the market offer similar microphone-based calibration systems, they are often restrictive in terms of the number of speakers that can be used. Dol Atmos FlexConnect provides a more versatile and customizable solution for creating an immersive home theater experience.

TCL is set to be the first TV manufacturer to feature Dol Atmos FlexConnect, with more details about its implementation to be revealed at the company’s global flagship product launch event on August 29.

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