26 September 2023

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AWS Unveils Dedicated Local Zones to Address Growing Demands of Digital Sovereignty

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AWS Unveils Dedicated Local Zones to Address Growing Demands of Digital Sovereignty

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of Dedicated Local Zones, a specialized offering designed to meet the needs of public sector and regulated industry customers who require the ability to isolate sensitive workloads. This new addition to AWS’s portfolio allows customers to have precise control over their data’s location, access, encryption, and cloud resilience.

Dedicated Local Zones expand on the concept of AWS’s existing Local Zones, which are strategically located to bring compute, storage, and database services closer to customers for reasons such as data residency and reduced latency. However, Dedicated Local Zones take it even further operating on physically separate infrastructure that can be deployed in multiple locations globally. This not only ensures data sovereignty but also improves application resilience.

The introduction of Dedicated Local Zones aligns with AWS’s Digital Sovereignty Pledge, which emphasizes control over data location, verifiable control over data access, end-to-end encryption, and cloud resilience. By offering Dedicated Local Zones, AWS reaffirms its commitment to these principles and enables customers to have a high degree of control and compliance over their data while leveraging the benefits of cloud services.

Dedicated Local Zones should not be confused with AWS Outposts, another offering AWS. While Outposts is designed for workloads that must remain on-premises due to latency requirements, Dedicated Local Zones focus on eliminating the operational overhead of managing on-premises infrastructure at scale.

Currently, Dedicated Local Zones support a subset of AWS services, including virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters. This includes services like EC2, EBS, ELB, ECS, EKS, and Direct Connect. However, AWS plans to expand the service offerings in the future. Specific pricing details for Dedicated Local Zones have not been made publicly available at this time.

The Singapore Government’s Smart Nation and Digital Government Group is the first government entity to adopt the Dedicated Local Zones deployment option. They aim to optimize their digital services while ensuring robust data sovereignty controls.

Overall, AWS’s introduction of Dedicated Local Zones demonstrates its commitment to meeting the growing demands of digital sovereignty. This offering provides public sector and regulated industry customers with precise control over their data, allowing them to comply with stringent security and governance requirements. As governments continue to focus on data residency laws, Dedicated Local Zones offer a strategic solution for organizations seeking to navigate this complex landscape while benefiting from AWS’s advanced cloud infrastructure.