26 September 2023

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Adding a Download Button to Video Player

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Adding a Download Button to Video Player

In order to enhance the functionality of a video player, it can be useful to add a download button that allows users to easily download the video. This can be particularly useful for users who want to save the video for offline viewing or for those who want to share the video with others.

To add a download button to a video player, the control bar of the player needs to be modified. The download button should be placed after the fullscreen button for better usability.

The download button can be created using CSS and HTML. The CSS code defines the positioning and appearance of the button, while the HTML code adds the necessary functionality such as linking to the video file. The download button can be styled to match the design of the video player.

In the example code provided, the download button is added to a video player using the Video.js library. The CSS code sets the width and height of the button, and positions it at the top-left corner of the video player. The button is styled with a download icon, which can be replaced with a custom icon if desired.

When the download button is clicked, the video file can be downloaded the user. If the video is still being downloaded or processed, the button can display a loading animation to indicate that the download is in progress.

Overall, adding a download button to a video player can provide a convenient way for users to download videos and enhance the functionality of the player.


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