23 September 2023

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Board Member at Digital Turbine Buys 20,000 Shares

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Board Member at Digital Turbine Buys 20,000 Shares

According to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, Robert M Deutschman, a board member at Digital Turbine APPS, made a significant purchase of company shares. The filing, known as Form 4, revealed that Deutschman acquired 20,000 shares, amounting to a total transaction of $128,800.

Insider transactions, such as this purchase Deutschman, can provide valuable insights for investors. While they should not be the sole basis for investment decisions, they can serve as an important factor to consider. In legal terms, an “insider” refers to any shareholder who owns at least 10% of a company. This includes executives and large hedge funds. Insiders are required to disclose their transactions through a Form 4 filing within two business days.

When a company insider makes a significant purchase, it is generally seen as a positive indicator that they expect the stock to rise. On the other hand, insider sells can occur for various reasons and may not necessarily indicate a negative outlook on the stock.

Investors often focus on transactions that occur in the open market, which are indicated in Table I of the Form 4 filing. A “P” in Box 3 represents a purchase, while an “S” signifies a sale. Other transaction codes, such as “C” for the conversion of an option or “A” when an insider is forced to sell shares to receive promised compensation, are also included in the filing.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Digital Turbine’s insider trades, investors can consult the full list available. It is important to note that this article was generated Benzinga’s automated content engine and reviewed an editor.

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