26 September 2023

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The Importance of Digital Maturity for Nonprofit Organizations

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The Importance of Digital Maturity for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations have been forced to confront the need for digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many of them have taken a reactive approach without a holistic digital strategy in place. As a result, they are now scrambling to address the fallout of their initial efforts. To help nonprofit leaders evaluate their digital capabilities and secure their organizations’ future, Info-Tech Research Group has released a new resource called “Assess Your Nonprofit’s Digital Maturity.”

According to the resource, nonprofit organizations must first define the purpose of digital transformation and their unique organizational objectives. Incorporating foundational technology is essential to sustainment and differentiation. However, this requires a shift in mindset. Nonprofits need to be risk-takers rather than risk-averse. Digitally mature organizations recognize the empowering potential of technology for both people and processes.

Conducting a digital maturity assessment is a crucial step for nonprofit leaders. It helps them navigate the complexities of digital transformation and provides a roadmap for where to focus their efforts. The assessment examines organizational strategy, culture, and technologies. Many nonprofits believe they are already digitally mature without critically examining this assumption. The assessment helps them determine whether they are on the right track.

The resource identifies six leading opportunities for digitally aware nonprofits to drive value. These include conversational care using artificial intelligence for personalized engagement, intangible fundraising assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs, digital fundraising for a holistic donor experience, fundraising intelligence leveraging data and AI, a cybernated supply chain to optimize resource delivery, and virtual collaboration to remove physical barriers.

Nonprofit organizations with a high degree of digital maturity have proven their ability to adapt and thrive, even in the face of unprecedented events like the pandemic. Digital transformation is driven various factors, including organizational growth, operational excellence, constituent experience, program innovation, and people and culture.

To learn more about conducting a digital maturity assessment and pursuing intentional digital transformation, nonprofit organizations can download the complete “Assess Your Nonprofit’s Digital Maturity” resource. Info-Tech Research Group provides a comprehensive, data-driven digital maturity assessment supported their Digital Maturity Framework.

Source: Info-Tech Research Group