4 October 2023

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Unlocking the Potential of Infrastructure with Digital Transformation

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Unlocking the Potential of Infrastructure with Digital Transformation

The digital transformation journey can be challenging for many organizations. Info-Tech Research Group recognizes the barriers that infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams face, including legacy systems, skill gaps, and resistance to change. To address these issues, Info-Tech has published the “Assess Infrastructure Readiness for Digital Transformation” blueprint.

In the blueprint, Info-Tech emphasizes the need for organizations to prioritize investments in infrastructure modernization. Legacy technical debt can impede progress, so updating and modernizing the tech stack, including infrastructure, network, and tools, is essential. Adopting emerging technologies such as cloud, automation, and artificial intelligence can drive agility and innovation.

Skill development is another crucial factor. Organizations should invest in training and hiring skilled professionals to bridge talent shortages and skill gaps. It is important to foster a culture that embraces and supports digital transformation efforts. Organizations should adopt a customer-centric approach, understanding business needs and pain points to deliver effective solutions efficiently.

The blueprint also highlights other factors organizations should consider. Business alignment between I&O, applications, data, analytics, and business teams is necessary for successful digital transformation. Process optimization, data-driven decision-making, security and compliance measures, and talent development are all essential aspects.

Cultivating a culture of innovation is crucial to the success of digital transformation. Clear goals, a compelling vision, and unwavering leadership commitment are vital. Having the right talent, continuous progress assessment, and aligning the journey with business objectives increase the chances of success.

To fully leverage the potential of infrastructure with a digital transformation strategy, organizations need to take a holistic approach. By following the recommendations in Info-Tech’s blueprint, organizations can confidently navigate the digital transformation journey and turn it from a challenge into an opportunity.

– Info-Tech Research Group – “Assess Infrastructure Readiness for Digital Transformation” blueprint
– John Donovan, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group