4 October 2023

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The Kupuna Digital Resource Directory: Helping Older Adults Navigate the Internet

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The Kupuna Digital Resource Directory: Helping Older Adults Navigate the Internet

The Kupuna Digital Resource Directory, created AARP Hawaii and the Hawaii Public Health Institute, is a valuable tool available to older adults looking to improve their digital literacy. Now in its second edition, the directory aims to provide classes, programs, and technical support for kūpuna, or older adults, to help them navigate the internet and use their devices effectively.

The directory is accessible both online and in physical form at various locations, including Hawai`i public libraries, county aging offices, and Catholic Charities. It offers a comprehensive list of resources tailored specifically for older adults, addressing their unique needs and concerns when it comes to using technology.

Digital literacy among older adults is becoming increasingly important, especially in today’s digitally-driven world. Many essential tasks, such as accessing healthcare, banking services, and social interactions, are now primarily conducted online. The Kupuna Digital Resource Directory aims to bridge the digital divide and empower older adults to comfortably and confidently navigate the online realm.

The directory includes a wide range of offerings, including classes and workshops on internet basics, device tutorials, online safety, and social media usage. It also provides information on available technical support and assistance, ensuring that kūpuna have the necessary resources to troubleshoot and address any issues they may encounter.

By providing older adults with tailored resources and support, the Kupuna Digital Resource Directory promotes digital inclusion and empowerment. It recognizes the value of ensuring that every individual, regardless of age, has equal access to the opportunities and benefits offered the digital world.

Overall, the Kupuna Digital Resource Directory is a valuable tool for older adults seeking to improve their digital literacy. It offers a comprehensive range of resources and support services, empowering kūpuna to confidently embrace the benefits of the internet.

– Kupuna: a Hawaiian term for older adults or elders.
– Digital literacy: the ability to use digital technology and navigate the internet effectively.

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