4 October 2023

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Digital Realty Offers Connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

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Digital Realty Offers Connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

Digital Realty, the leading provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions, has announced that it will provide connectivity to the newly-launched Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect. This offering will enable customers to have secure and reliable connectivity to the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud regions in Frankfurt and Madrid, and they will have the option to interconnect their Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud-based applications and workloads with other cloud platforms using Digital Realty.

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, which is located entirely within the European Union (EU), gives customers access to OCI’s public cloud services while offering enhanced control over their data privacy and sovereignty requirements. The offering is designed to meet the evolving regulatory landscape of the EU and provides customers with the same support, service levels, and service level agreements (SLAs) to run all workloads.

Digital Realty’s proprietary interconnection and orchestration solution, ServiceFabric, facilitates the OCI FastConnect interconnection to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud. This solution also expands access to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud from over 130 locations worldwide, allowing customers to connect from anywhere across the globe.

Yogesh Kaushik, Vice President of Product Management, Networking Services at Oracle, highlighted the importance of reliable connectivity for critical workloads and expressed the key role that Digital Realty plays in supporting hybrid multicloud solutions. Harm Joosse, Global Head of Strategy & Business Segments, Service Providers at Digital Realty, emphasized the company’s commitment to data protection, reliability, latency, and compliance, as well as its collaboration with Oracle to drive demand for the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud.

In addition to connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in Madrid, Digital Realty currently hosts nine other OCI FastConnect points-of-presence (PoPs) globally, providing customers with secure and high-performance connectivity to OCI FastConnect.

Overall, this collaboration between Digital Realty and Oracle enables customers to leverage the power of the cloud while ensuring data protection, privacy, and compliance. It allows businesses to take full advantage of digital transformation while adhering to the highest standards of data sovereignty.

– OCI FastConnect: A service offered Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that provides dedicated and private connectivity between customers’ own data centers or colocation facilities and Oracle Cloud.
– Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud: A cloud offering Oracle that is located entirely within the European Union and provides customers with access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s public cloud services.

– Digital Realty: [Link to be updated]
– Oracle PartnerNetwork: http://www.oracle.com/partnernetwork
– Oracle: www.oracle.com

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