24 September 2023

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Embedding Regulations into Digital Ecosystems: The Beckn Protocol

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Embedding Regulations into Digital Ecosystems: The Beckn Protocol

The Beckn protocol is a digital ecosystem designed to enable interoperable digital workflows for various commercial transactions. It offers an alternative to vertically integrated digital platforms allowing buyers to access commercial resources through open digital networks. The protocol describes end-to-end digital workflows for commercial interactions, presenting an opportunity to embed regulations directly into the code of the digital ecosystem.

Beckn operates using digital protocols that encompass the three basic components of commercial transactions: discovery, ordering, and fulfillment. Sellers can catalogue their products and services using the discovery protocols, making them accessible to potential buyers. Once a buyer selects a product and agrees to the commercial terms, the ordering protocols come into play. The fulfillment protocols then ensure the delivery of goods and services as agreed upon. Beckn also addresses post-fulfillment issues, such as defective goods or unsatisfactory services, allowing customers to raise grievances and seek resolution.

The Beckn protocol enables small businesses and local shopkeepers to sell their products to hyper-local customers. Buyers can choose from available options, place orders, and have them delivered to their doorstep. Payments can be made using digital payment infrastructures, and fulfillment is facilitated through the use of the same discovering-ordering-fulfillment protocols applied to delivery services.

To provide a comprehensive digital solution, the protocols need to account for regulatory constraints on commercial transactions. Regulations can fall into two categories: authorization to perform a given activity and restrictions on the transaction itself. For example, protocols must confirm that a seller of pharmaceutical drugs is a registered pharmacist or that a taxi driver holds a valid driving license. Additionally, if a transaction requires a license or authorization from a regulatory body, the protocol must ensure that the necessary permissions are in place before proceeding.

Embedding regulations into digital ecosystems like the Beckn protocol allows for streamlined and compliant commercial interactions. By incorporating regulatory constraints directly into the code, the protocol ensures that participants operate within the boundaries of the law. This integration of regulations into digital systems is crucial as our world becomes more digital and interconnected.

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