4 October 2023

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New Digital Map Allows Users to Explore the History of Old Plateau Cemetery in Africatown

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New Digital Map Allows Users to Explore the History of Old Plateau Cemetery in Africatown

Archaeologists and researchers are collaborating on a groundbreaking project to create a digital map of the Old Plateau Cemetery in Africatown. This initiative aims to provide a platform where individuals can easily access information about their loved ones buried in the cemetery. The majority of those interred at the site are the last known descendants of the Clotilda, a slave ship. The Africatown Heritage Preservation Foundation is working in partnership with archaeologist Dr. Alexandra Jones to develop this comprehensive digital map.

Dr. Jones and her team have utilized a digital survey to populate a real-time map accessible via the project’s website. This means that individuals from anywhere in the world will have the ability to search for and learn about people buried in Africatown. The project is still underway as Dr. Jones collects data from individuals who have family members interred at the cemetery. However, this endeavor marks the first time such a large-scale project has been undertaken.

The digital map not only includes basic burial information but also provides details on preservation efforts. In January, there will also be an opportunity to add biographical information about the individuals buried there. This project aims to empower the community and preserve the rich history of Africatown. It is viewed as a way to not only share personal stories but also educate others about the history of Mobile.

Citizens are encouraged to participate in this citizen science initiative using a tablet or cell phone with internet access. By following the instructions provided on a printed paper and within the app, users can contribute to this important historical preservation effort. The Africatown Preservation Foundation Group plans to add this new map feature to their website next week.

– Article: WKRG
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