23 September 2023

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The Future of Smart and Sustainable Mobility Showcased at IAA Mobility Event

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The Future of Smart and Sustainable Mobility Showcased at IAA Mobility Event

The IAA Mobility event in Munich, Germany, has brought together top automobile manufacturers and technology companies to showcase the latest tech trends in the motor industry. With a growing emphasis on cleaner and greener mobility, the focus is now on “smart and sustainable” solutions.

One of the key trends at the event is the rise of electric cars. Many companies, including consumer electronics giants like LG and Samsung, are entering the automotive market with a focus on connectivity, 5G, and cloud technologies, enabling cars to be connected to the home and office.

Sekisui, a Japanese company with a strong presence in Europe, is demonstrating its expertise in producing materials for the automotive industry. Their innovations include glass components for future cars, such as privacy glass that can turn transparent with touch switching. They have also integrated mobile access and touch function icons on the glass to replace traditional door handles.

Another important aspect of the event is in-car information technologies. Sekisui is showcasing next-generation displays that can project navigation, mobile phone, radio, and clock information onto the windshield. In autonomous driving scenarios, the entire windshield can even become a cinema screen, providing an immersive experience. In emergencies or during manual driving, these displays seamlessly disappear, allowing for standard visibility.

Sekisui already supports windscreen technologies with its manufacturing hub, where they produce special films for head-up displays. These films ensure a super clear view for the driver maintaining the right angle for information projection onto the glass.

By integrating these technologies, manufacturers aim to enhance safety allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road without distractions. Additionally, the windscreen films also offer noise-blocking and heat-blocking features, providing a quieter and cooler interior environment for passengers.

With the rapid advancements in digitalization, electrification, and autonomy, the challenge for car makers is to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant. However, experts like Laurent Meillaud believe that the industry has the potential to adapt and thrive for many more years to come.


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