4 October 2023

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Comparison of Stray on Xbox Consoles: New-Gen vs. Last-Gen

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Comparison of Stray on Xbox Consoles: New-Gen vs. Last-Gen

Digital Foundry recently examined the newly released Xbox versions of Stray, a previously PlayStation-exclusive game. The analysis revealed some interesting insights into how the game performs on different Xbox consoles.

As expected, the new-gen Xbox Series X version runs smoothly at 4K 60FPS, delivering a visually stunning experience. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S version targets a lower resolution of 1080p but still maintains a solid 60FPS frame rate.

However, it is the performance on last-gen Xbox consoles that raises eyebrows. The Xbox One X, which was aimed at delivering 60FPS at a higher resolution than the Series S, falls short in practice. The console struggles to maintain a consistent 60FPS and often dips down to 1080p resolution, resulting in a less than optimal experience.

Digital Foundry suggests that, for players without Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) supported displays, adding a cap option at 30FPS would significantly improve the performance and image quality on the Xbox One X.

Despite these performance issues on last-gen consoles, the team behind Stray prioritized consistency over pushing for higher numbers on the current-gen Xbox Series X and Series S. Both new-gen versions deliver a consistent and smooth gaming experience at their respective 60FPS targets.

In conclusion, Stray remains an impressive indie game on Xbox, showcasing the capabilities of the new-gen consoles. Digital Foundry’s technical analysis provides valuable insights for players looking to experience Stray on different Xbox platforms.

– Digital Foundry analysis of Stray performance on Xbox consoles.