26 September 2023

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The Evolution of Handheld to Console Gaming: A Look at Games Like Urbz

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The Evolution of Handheld to Console Gaming: A Look at Games Like Urbz

When it comes to gaming, there’s often a stark difference between the experience on handheld consoles versus home consoles. This was particularly evident in the early 2000s, with titles like Urbz: Sims in the City showcasing the disparities between the GameCube and Game Boy Advance (GBA) versions.

For many gamers, myself included, the introduction of the Game Boy Player for the GameCube allowed access to handheld games on the big screen. However, this also highlighted just how different the experiences could be. The console version of Urbz featured improved graphics and a wider range of customization options compared to its GBA counterpart.

This discrepancy wasn’t unique to Urbz. Games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and SSX Tricky also received GBA ports that were viewed as inferior to their console counterparts. The lack of analog sticks on the GBA made navigation and control more challenging, further highlighting the limitations of the handheld experience.

Despite these limitations, the GBA outsold the GameCube significantly. However, many games available on both platforms were clearly designed with the home console in mind. This led to handheld versions feeling like diluted versions of the real deal, causing some players to view them as consolation prizes.

The differences in gameplay and content between handheld and console versions also reflected the intended audiences. The handheld versions were often rated for everyone and had a more action-adventure feel. On the other hand, console versions like Urbz pushed boundaries with social interactions like “Strip Tease” and “Suck Face,” earning the game a Teen rating.

While some handheld ports maintained the spirit of their console counterparts, others, like Urbz, seemed more like adaptations than direct translations. These games drew from a shared idea and source material but created two distinct experiences in the process.

Overall, the evolution of handheld to console gaming demonstrates the capabilities and limitations of different platforms at the time, as well as the varied preferences of gamers. The stark differences between versions like Urbz highlight the unique experiences that handheld and home consoles can offer.

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