26 September 2023

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Exploring the Evolution of Generative Art at ‘GEN/GEN: Generative Generations’ Exhibition in London

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Exploring the Evolution of Generative Art at ‘GEN/GEN: Generative Generations’ Exhibition in London

The exhibition ‘GEN/GEN: Generative Generations’ at Gazelli Art House in London showcases the evolution of generative art over the past six decades. The exhibition features works from artists such as Harold Cohen, Edward Edmonds, William Latham, and Stephen Willats, among others.

Harold Cohen, known for his work with the computer programme AARON in the 1980s, blurs the line between machine intelligence and human creativity. AARON allowed Cohen to produce artwork independently, paving the way for a new era of digital art. The exhibition pays homage to Cohen’s contributions showcasing his work alongside his contemporaries.

The exhibition aims to draw parallels between historical developments in generative and computer arts. It also addresses the challenges and concerns surrounding the use of computers as tools for creating artwork. Despite advancements in technology, questions of authenticity and the preservation of digital artworks persist.

Gazelli Art House has partnered with Verisart, a tech partner specializing in blockchain technology for the art industry, for the exhibition. Verisart’s involvement reflects the importance of bridging the digital and physical realms in the art world.

‘GEN/GEN: Generative Generations’ presents a diverse range of generative art, including fractal recordings Edward Edmonds, Brendan Dawes’ reinterpretation of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and Stephen Willats’ VDU Transformation series. The exhibition showcases the versatility and innovation of generative art across various mediums.

The collaboration between Gazelli Art House and Verisart marks a new era of exploration and understanding of digital art. This exhibition is the first of many collaborative projects that aim to address the challenges and celebrate the achievements of generative art.

– Gazelli Art House
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