24 September 2023

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Protecting Children Online: A Look at European Parents’ Concerns

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Protecting Children Online: A Look at European Parents’ Concerns

As children and teenagers return to school, the digital world once again becomes a significant part of their lives. The Internet offers numerous opportunities for learning and entertainment, but it also poses dangers that can have a profound impact on young individuals. In order to shed light on these risks, Panda Security conducted a survey of European parents to uncover their concerns and provide advice on protecting children online.

The survey indicated that almost 80% of European parents are either very or fairly concerned about the activities of their children on the Internet. This highlights the recognition that parents have regarding the potential dangers their children can encounter online. Consequently, 64% of respondents reported using some form of parental controls on the devices their children use, such as computers or mobile phones.

One of the key issues that parents need to address is cyberbullying, which involves the harassment or humiliation of individuals through social media or online gaming platforms. The survey showed that 11% of European parents reported that their children had experienced cyberbullying. The responses to dealing with such situations varied among the participants. Some chose to engage directly with the individuals involved, while others approached teachers or reported the incident to the police. It is crucial for parents to provide emotional support to their children and consider seeking professional help, as cyberbullying can have a significant impact on their well-being.

In addition to taking action against cyberbullying, parental control tools can be instrumental in safeguarding children online. These tools, such as those offered Panda Security, provide specialized online security solutions tailored to protect children in the digital age. By implementing such tools, parents can further enhance the security measures taken to ensure their children’s safety on the Internet.

The survey conducted Panda Security highlights the pressing need for parents to educate themselves about the potential risks their children face online. While the Internet offers incredible opportunities, it is crucial for adults to be proactive in protecting their children from the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.


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