24 September 2023

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Convergent Distribution Secures Distribution Rights for Nintendo in Malaysia

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Convergent Distribution Secures Distribution Rights for Nintendo in Malaysia

Convergent Distribution, the company known for distributing Nintendo products in Singapore, has now obtained distribution rights for Nintendo in Malaysia. This expansion will involve the placement of Nintendo Red shelves in major outlets such as Best Denki, Popular, and Courts Malaysia.

Convergent Distribution will also collaborate with modern retailers like Thundermatch to sell Nintendo products on their platforms. This includes offering first-party games, accessories, and Nintendo Switch consoles. The initial focus will be on the Klang Valley region, with plans for nationwide distribution the end of the fourth quarter of 2023. Shelves branded as Nintendo Red are expected to be visible the end of September.

According to Edwin Teoh, the Regional Product Manager at Convergent Distribution, their aim is to reach a broader audience working with general retailers. Teoh emphasizes that Nintendo is not solely a gaming device but also a form of home entertainment for the general population.

One advantage of this partnership is price stability, ensuring that customers can obtain the console at a consistent price regardless of their location. In addition to physical distribution, Convergent Distribution will also manage the official Nintendo storefronts on Lazada and Shopee in Malaysia. Customers can expect any official promotions from Nintendo to apply to all Convergent-affiliated outlets, including the online stores.

Furthermore, Convergent Distribution will establish an Authorized Nintendo Customer Service Center in Malaysia. This facility will enable customers to have faulty Nintendo Switch units replaced under warranty without the need for overseas shipping. Devices distributed Convergent will come with a one-year warranty, and the serial numbers of units covered the Convergent Distribution warranty will include “MYS.”

It is worth noting that Convergent Distribution is the second distributor of the Nintendo Switch in Malaysia, with Maxsoft already distributing Nintendo products in the country.

– Convergent Distribution Regional Product Manager Edwin Teoh