23 September 2023

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New City Policy Aims to Improve Communication with Limited English Proficiency Residents

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New City Policy Aims to Improve Communication with Limited English Proficiency Residents

The city of Fort Wayne has announced an updated Limited English Proficiency (LEP) policy aimed at providing improved communication and access to local government services for residents who do not speak English. This policy includes the use of interpretation services, video conferences, and an interpretation mobile app to bridge the language barrier.

Under the new policy, city employees will utilize a language identification system or an “I speak” card to identify the language of residents seeking assistance. The Languagers program will then be utilized to interpret and communicate with these individuals. Additionally, thanks to a partnership with the city’s Risk Management Department and Languagers, Inc., digital services will be available 24/7 to cater to the needs of LEP residents.

Furthermore, the city has expressed its future goal of providing in-person interpretation and translation services for written documents. The overall objective of this policy is to ensure meaningful communication between LEP residents and their authorized representatives.

Mayor Tom Henry has highlighted the importance of this policy in promoting engagement, innovation, and performance within the community. He believes that every resident of Fort Wayne deserves to be treated with respect and have equal opportunities to participate in the city’s services and programs. This proactive measure aims to make a lasting and meaningful difference for individuals and families in the community.

The city will conduct regular reviews of the language access needs of its citizens and will monitor and update the implementation of this policy as necessary.

Source: Fort Wayne News Release