26 September 2023

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Cities Skylines 2: A Promising New City-Building Game

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Cities Skylines 2: A Promising New City-Building Game

The highly anticipated Cities Skylines 2 is shaping up to be an incredibly detailed and realistic city-building game. With each new update, developer Colossal Order reveals more about the game’s mechanics, making it feel like a comprehensive simulation of managing a modern metropolis.

One of the key features of Cities Skylines 2 is the inclusion of subsidies. When starting a new game, players will receive financial relief from the government in the form of subsidies to help jumpstart their cities. However, once certain milestones are reached, these subsidies will be withdrawn. Additionally, citizens can now receive unemployment benefits and financial aid under specific circumstances.

Consequently, building houses is no longer as simple as zoning residential areas. The spending habits of families will vary based on their size and composition, with different age groups desiring certain goods. To keep citizens happy, houses must be built within reasonable distance of amenities like schools and offices.

In the game, single individuals will gravitate towards apartment blocks, while families will require larger, detached houses. It is now possible for citizens to become homeless if they cannot find employment and earn money, resulting in them living and sleeping in places like parks.

Industries that rely on resources such as oil and ore must be built near their sources and have easy access to other companies that purchase their goods. Difficulties in unloading resources will increase transport costs, potentially leading to job cuts and unemployment. The cost of exporting goods is impacted factors such as price, size, and weight.

The efficiency and profitability of commercial businesses are now influenced the effectiveness of their staff. Uneducated citizens will negatively impact the performance of commercial businesses. Office buildings can house a realistic number of employees, as seen in the latest gameplay footage, with some buildings accommodating up to 138 employees.

Taxes in Cities Skylines 2 can be adjusted based on the education level of citizens. Higher taxes can be imposed on university-educated individuals, while lower taxes can be levied on those with less education. Taxes on different industries can also be varied to increase productivity. Public service charges, such as water rates and electricity costs, can be adjusted to manage the city’s finances or promote certain behaviors, such as encouraging the use of public transportation.

As Cities Skylines 2 nears its release date, the game promises an intricate and immersive experience. The various aspects of the game’s economy interact with and affect each other, making it akin to conducting an orchestra. With its attention to detail and realistic mechanics, Cities Skylines 2 looks set to offer an engaging and challenging city-building simulation.

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