23 September 2023

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Citigroup Introduces Citi Token Services for Digital Asset Transactions

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Citigroup Introduces Citi Token Services for Digital Asset Transactions

Citigroup Inc. has launched Citi Token Services, a new offering aimed at providing digital asset transactions to its institutional clients. This service enables customers’ deposits to be converted into digital tokens, facilitating instant transfer across the globe.

Citi Token Services is a product developed within the firm’s treasury and trade solutions division. Initially designed to enhance cash-management and trade-finance capabilities, it now expands to include the transformation of assets into digital tokens. This move aligns with Citigroup’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge transaction banking services in real-time to institutional clients.

The introduction of Citi Token Services reflects the growing interest in digital assets and their potential to improve transactions and financial operations within the institutional sector. By leveraging blockchain technology, Citigroup aims to offer increased efficiency, security, and transparency in the movement of digital assets across borders.

This latest offering from Citigroup underscores the company’s recognition of the evolving needs of institutional clients in the digital era. The ability to convert deposits into digital tokens and transfer them instantly addresses the demand for faster, more secure, and globally accessible transactions.

By entering the market for digital asset services, Citigroup is positioning itself as a leading player in the ongoing digitization of financial transactions. With Citi Token Services, the bank aims to provide its institutional clients with a seamless and efficient solution for managing and utilizing digital assets.


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