4 October 2023

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Ciena Highlights the Importance of Convergence at ET Telecom’s Digital Telco Summit 2023

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Ciena Highlights the Importance of Convergence at ET Telecom’s Digital Telco Summit 2023

Ciena made a significant impact at ET Telecom’s Digital Telco Summit 2023 held in New Delhi. The summit focused on the transitioning from 4G to 5G and the changing consumer trends that are reshaping network traffic dynamics. Ciena’s Amit Malik, VP and Sales Leader, shared insights on ‘True Convergence’, while Girish Bhatia, Director, Sales Engineering, engaged in a fireside chat about ‘Purpose Built Convergence’ with Danish Khan, ET editor.

Enterprises are embracing Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) and cloud applications for cost efficiency. This shift requires networks that are scalable and elastic, with carrier-grade products. The concept of ‘multi-layer convergence’ was discussed at the summit, where all network layers work together to deliver the best network efficiency.

The current challenges in network operations include slow handoffs between IP and optical teams, long mean time to repair, suboptimal network designs, and underutilization of network assets. To address these challenges, operators need improved network assurance, task simplification, and optimized designs. A recent study Heavy Reading found that 61% of operators define IP and Optical Convergence as streamlining operations across IP and optical functions.

Convergence allows for faster data transmission, maximized capacity, and spectral efficiency. However, the biggest challenge operators face is deciding on the end state architecture. Combining the best functionalities of optical transport and IP layers is essential, and starting with a multi-layer correlation is necessary for a service-aware transport.

Operators need to consider several factors when transitioning to a converged IP/Optical architecture. They must analyze the current network reality, ensure coexistence and interoperability of different protocols, decide on control plane and automation levels, choose the appropriate Coherent Technology for deployment, and address fiber limitations.

To achieve multi-layer convergence, an architecture change is necessary, along with network optimization and automation on a common control plane and the integration and deployment of coherent technology. This will simplify operations, provide complete visibility of all layers, and reduce costs.

Overall, the emphasis on convergence at the summit highlighted the importance of optimizing networks to meet the demands of the evolving digital landscape.

– Devika Keswani, Specialist, Field Marketing, Ciena India
– Gartner
– Heavy Reading