24 September 2023

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Cava Invests in Digital Space to Compete with Industry Giants

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Cava Invests in Digital Space to Compete with Industry Giants

Cava, a fast-casual restaurant chain, is making significant investments in the digital space to take on larger players in the industry. With a revamped app, a new digital ordering website, and an in-house microservices platform, Cava is positioning itself for omnichannel success.

The brand’s digital revenue mix is currently at 36%, comparable to competitor Chipotle, which reported that digital channels accounted for 38% of its food and beverage revenue. Cava has also built out catering and digital ordering facilities separate from its physical stores, including digital kitchens for centralized catering hub production and digital order pickup.

According to the PYMNTS’ Connected Dining study, 39% of restaurant customers reported placing their last order for pickup. The adoption of digital platforms in the restaurant sector is also on the rise. PYMNTS’ survey showed a 9% increase in digital participation among high- and low-income consumers and a 2% increase among middle-income diners.

Cava is also looking to enhance its loyalty program with greater personalization capabilities to drive digital engagement. The company plans to pilot test these improvements before the end of the year and aims for a full launch the end of next year. The majority of consumers already engage with restaurant rewards, with 51% using loyalty programs, according to a PYMNTS study.

The brand’s President and CEO, Brett Schulman, emphasized the importance of these initiatives in driving traffic and enhancing the guest experience. Cava aims to develop deeper connections with its guests providing more frequent and relevant experiences that add value for both customers and the business.

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