24 September 2023

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The Future of the Investment Industry: Digital Transformation and AI

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The Future of the Investment Industry: Digital Transformation and AI

The CFA Institute has identified three pillars of digital transformation that will shape the future of the investment industry: big data and AI, new asset classes, and new digital information channels and platforms. To address these significant developments, the CFA Institute has launched its new Research and Policy Center and published a report titled “Future State of the Investment Industry.”

The report is based on a survey of 3,000 investment professionals globally, conducted in late 2022, as well as qualitative insights from discussion forums. It presents four potential development pathways that will impact the fund management industry: Diverging Worlds, Sustainable Finance, Digital Transformation, and The End of Cheap Money.

One key finding from the survey is that human intelligence and AI are seen as complementary. While 56% of respondents reported using AI and big data solutions for data analysis, only 26% said the same for decision making. However, those firms that successfully integrate these advancements into their talent acquisition processes and investment teams, and meet client demands for personalized and technology-driven products, are more likely to outperform.

The survey also revealed that the adoption of AI and big data solutions allows staff to use their time more productively automating repetitive tasks. However, a shortage of talent was identified as a major obstacle to integration. The CFA Institute emphasized the importance of professionals with both finance and data science experience, as they will be in high demand.

Generative AI, which reduces the cost, time, and skill set needed for complex tasks, was identified as a significant disruptor. This technology enables the creation of more customized solutions for investors, addressing the growing demand for personalized products. Larger firms are expected to apply advanced technologies at scale, while smaller firms may focus on niche product areas.

In summary, the investment industry is facing a challenging future driven digital transformation and AI. Firms that successfully embrace these developments, invest in talent with finance and data science expertise, and meet client demands for personalized products are likely to thrive.

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