26 September 2023

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The Quirky Process of Subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV

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The Quirky Process of Subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV

NFL fans rejoice! NFL Sunday Ticket, the subscription service that allows you to watch out-of-market Sunday NFL games, has moved from DirecTV to YouTube and YouTube TV. Now, more people have access to this exclusive service than ever before.

However, there is a little quirk when it comes to purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket depending on the platform you’re using. While it is available on YouTube TV and YouTube proper through “YouTube Primetime Channels,” the process of subscribing can be a bit tricky.

If you want to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket, the easiest way is through a web browser. Whether you’re using a phone or desktop browser, you can simply visit the appropriate channel and click through to subscribe.

For YouTube TV subscribers, you need to go to your account settings in a web browser and follow the steps provided. If you’re using regular YouTube, you can head to the YouTube NFL channel or go to YouTube.com/pay for the payment options.

However, if you’re using streaming platforms like Roku or Amazon Fire TV, subscribing becomes a bit more complicated. When you visit the NFL channel on YouTube on these platforms, you’ll be directed to scan a QR code or visit a website from a phone or computer to subscribe. Subscribing directly on Roku or Amazon Fire TV is not possible due to business reasons.

As for Apple TV, it doesn’t provide a way to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket. Apple TV users are redirected to the YouTube Help Center for more information. The subscription process may vary on other platforms as well.

The only TV-based platform where you can directly subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket is Google TV or Android TV. You can hit the subscribe button on YouTube or YouTube TV, and it works seamlessly because Google doesn’t need to pay itself a platform tax.

In conclusion, subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket may come with some quirks depending on the platform you’re using. The most straightforward method is to subscribe through a web browser and then enjoy watching the games on any supported app or platform of your choice. While this may not be ideal in the modern age, it’s the reality we currently live in.

– Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends