4 October 2023

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Bupa Arabia Leads the Digital Transformation in the Saudi Insurance Sector

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Bupa Arabia Leads the Digital Transformation in the Saudi Insurance Sector

Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance, the leading health insurance provider in Saudi Arabia, showcased its commitment to innovation and digital solutions at the Middle East’s Digital Experience Show 2023. The event, held in Riyadh on September 5th and 6th, brought together industry leaders in technology, finance, and insurance to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the digital future.

During the event, Bupa Arabia was recognized with two awards and four nominations, highlighting its dedication to customer satisfaction and digital innovation. The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed El Missaoui, participated in a panel discussion on “Strengthening your digital experience management strategy through capability building.” The panel explored the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing customer journeys and the challenges associated with providing automated digital experiences.

El Missaoui reaffirmed Bupa Arabia’s commitment to delivering top-tier digital solutions within the healthcare industry. He emphasized the company’s goal of making healthcare services more accessible while elevating the quality and efficiency of their offerings. Bupa Arabia’s digital transformation initiatives, including the launch of a telemedicine platform and a mobile application, have significantly improved the customer experience and increased satisfaction.

The company’s tele-health platform, part of the Bupa Arabia Healthcare ecosystem, offers a range of convenient services such as medication refills, home labs, vaccination scheduling, and live chat sessions with healthcare professionals. Members can also access their electronic health records and manage all health-related documents through the mobile app.

Bupa Arabia’s dedication to digital transformation has been recognized not only through awards and nominations but also through its establishment of a dedicated digital transformation department in 2018. The company has integrated advanced digital tools and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance the overall healthcare experience for its customers.

As a leading health insurance provider in Saudi Arabia, Bupa Arabia is known for its innovative healthcare services, including the Tebtom program and Rahatkom program. The company is committed to attracting Saudi Arabian talent and has achieved a high Saudization rate of over 70%.

Bupa Arabia’s participation in the Digital Experience Show 2023 demonstrates its ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and leading the digital transformation in the Saudi insurance sector. With its dedication to customer satisfaction and the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions, Bupa Arabia continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia.

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