4 October 2023

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: A Spiritual Successor to Jet Set Radio

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: A Spiritual Successor to Jet Set Radio

After over 20 years since the last Jet Set Radio game, fans of the series can finally rejoice with the release of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Developed Team Reptile, this game serves as a spiritual successor to the beloved Jet Set Radio series, offering a style-filled, funky adrenaline rush that captures the essence of its predecessors while introducing new elements.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk incorporates the core mechanics of tagging and inline skating from the Jet Set Radio games. However, it goes beyond that introducing free-roaming and the use of other vehicles like skateboards and bikes. The game also features an enhanced trick system, catering to players who enjoy JSR-like fun but prefer not to have limited resources like spray cans. In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, spray cans are a renewable resource, ensuring that players never run out during intense battles.

Visually, the game is impressive, with graphics that meet modern standards while maintaining the funky-fresh vibe that the series is known for. The soundtrack keeps the spirit of Jet Set Radio alive in 2023, providing players with an immersive and energetic audio experience.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is currently available for $39.99 on the Switch eShop and Steam. PC players can enjoy a 20% discount through the Humble Store, reducing the price to $31.99 for Humble Choice members. Fanatical also offers a 10% discount on the game, and purchasing it for over $12 on Steam grants a free randomly chosen “overwhelmingly positive”-reviewed game on Steam. Steam users also have the advantage of accessing all current content, including the Base and Jay story DLC and OST, for $59.97. The DLC itself is available separately for $19.98.

While the game is currently available for PC, the PlayStation and Xbox versions will launch on September 1. It remains unknown whether the console versions will include the DLC available for the PC version. Notably, the Switch version does not have the DLC listed yet, raising questions about its availability. However, currently, the best value for players seems to be the PC version, which is Deck-Verified and runs smoothly on the ROG Ally.


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