4 October 2023

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Biotricity Launches New Digital Presence to Highlight Healthcare Innovations

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Biotricity Launches New Digital Presence to Highlight Healthcare Innovations

Biotricity Inc., a leading medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company, has unveiled a new digital presence that showcases its commitment to innovation in the healthcare space. The company has developed a suite of solutions that leverage connectivity, smart analytics, AI, and cutting-edge cloud technologies to support individuals and patients throughout their healthcare journey.

One of Biotricity’s flagship solutions is Bioflux, a superior heart monitoring device that continuously analyzes ECG information for rhythm abnormalities. When abnormalities are detected, the device transmits data directly to a call center for review healthcare professionals. This allows for timely intervention if necessary. Another groundbreaking product is Biotres, a connected cardiac monitor that addresses the issues of rechargeability and connectivity within a compact patch form. Biotres can record up to 30 days of data and provides automated data offloading and remote ECG views, significantly reducing the time to obtain results.

The Biocare Disease Management Solution combines analytics, AI, automation, portal/app, and Bioflux and Biotres devices to enable holistic arrhythmia diagnostics and disease management. This comprehensive solution empowers clinicians to efficiently manage patients allowing direct communication in the office or on the go.

Biotricity’s new digital presence also highlights other innovative products such as Bioheart, a continuous heart monitoring device that supports holistic lifestyle management, and Biokit, a personal remote monitoring kit that enables patients to collect multiple data points for improved patient management.

With its digital transformation, Biotricity aims to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes. The company has already expanded its total addressable market from $1 billion to an impressive $35 billion within the past year, thanks to its dedication to progress and the strategic expansion of its product portfolio.

The new website features a comprehensive device section with enhanced visuals, informative videos, user reviews, and in-depth descriptions. It also offers an integrated shopping experience, a newsroom featuring the latest updates, and a responsive design for easy access on various devices. The website has been designed with intuitive navigation to provide a user-friendly experience.

Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Founder and CEO of Biotricity, expressed his belief that the enhanced online platform will better serve clients, partners, and investors providing an immersive and informative experience.

Biotricity’s new digital presence can be accessed at their official website.

Source: Biotricity Inc.