4 October 2023

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Biofourmis Releases Expanded Digital Clinical Trials Solution

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Biofourmis Releases Expanded Digital Clinical Trials Solution

Biofourmis, a leading technology-enabled care delivery company, has announced the release of its expanded Digital Clinical Trials solution. This solution aims to accelerate drug development, improve access and diversity, and reduce costs in clinical trials for biopharma and other life sciences companies.

The Digital Clinical Trials solution offers a highly configurable and scalable platform that supports digital tools enablement, trial decentralization, safety monitoring, personalized care, and equitable access to treatment options for patients. The platform allows for remote data collection and utilizes biomarkers from Biofourmis’ library across multiple therapeutic areas.

The expanded solution includes new data management automations and integrates essential clinical trial documentation, participant scheduling, and data collection elements. The platform seamlessly integrates with over 40 devices, allowing study teams to select the right device for specific disease areas.

Biofourmis also provides access to its network of experienced principal investigators (PIs) from leading academic medical centers, as well as health systems using the Biofourmis platform for technology-enabled care. This network and platform can assist in recruitment efforts and expand clinical research initiatives.

Key enhancements to the Digital Clinical Trials solution include robust electronic informed consent and patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) capabilities, dynamic participant scheduling, in-home services, and unmatched safety monitoring leveraging AI. These enhancements aim to accelerate recruitment, enhance participant adherence and engagement, reduce burden on investigators and participants, and improve patient safety.

By leveraging digital tools and automating trial processes, Biofourmis aims to shorten trial timelines, lower costs, and simplify tasks for researchers and participants. This ultimately leads to faster development of groundbreaking therapies and improved patient outcomes.

Source: Biofourmis PR Newswire (no URL provided)