4 October 2023

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India Launches Skill India Digital to Boost E-Learning and Job Posting

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India Launches Skill India Digital to Boost E-Learning and Job Posting

India has recently introduced Skill India Digital (SID), a government-supported e-learning and job posting service aimed at assisting Indians in obtaining professional credentials. The mobile-first platform offers a range of free courses from major companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Google. The goal of this initiative is to enable more Indians to gain access to quality skilling programs and drive the country’s advancement to a developed nation 2047.

SID offers a diverse range of courses, with a particular focus on business IT. Among the courses at launch are offerings in Cisco cyber threat management, introduction to AI in Google Cloud, and a guide to implementing Azure in the public sector. Users can build up their credentials within the app and generate digitally verified CVs to showcase their completed courses to potential employers.

The platform has been built on India Stack, the country’s national identification and digital payments infrastructure, which incorporates open APIs and biometric data. India Stack has been praised the International Monetary Fund for its role in providing financial access to the unbanked population.

SID aims to address the demand and supply sides of the job market. Not only does it aggregate job demand identifying how many people are searching for specific roles, but it also connects with other portals such as the Udyam portal for small and medium enterprise registration, the eShram portal for unorganized worker database creation, and the ASEEM job directory.

India’s push for digital skilling initiatives is not new. The government launched the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) program in 2015, which rewards completed training with monetary incentives. However, it faced challenges such as allegations of fraud and training vendor incompetence. Additionally, non-government initiatives, including the well-established Khan Academy, have also contributed to free education in India.

With the launch of SID and existing skilling programs, India is working towards its goal of becoming a developed nation 2047. Consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers projects that India could become the world’s third-largest economy 2030 if it successfully transitions from an agrarian economy to a services and advanced manufacturing hub.

While India has faced criticism for certain policies, such as import license requirements for computer manufacturers, the government has shown a willingness to adapt and correct course. As India continues to focus on tech manufacturing, it aims to position itself as a global leader in technological advancement and sustainability.

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