4 October 2023

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Best Version Media Unveils New Brand Identity to Reflect Growth and Expansion

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Best Version Media Unveils New Brand Identity to Reflect Growth and Expansion

Best Version Media, a leader in advertising solutions for local businesses, has revealed a new brand identity to align with its impressive growth and expansion into the digital space. The company’s rebranding efforts include redesigned logos, updated colors, and a brand new website that embodies its innovative spirit and vision for the future.

Since its inception in 2007, Best Version Media has grown from six monthly publications powered local businesses and readers to over 1,200 publications that unite communities and promote local brands. While print advertising remains a significant part of its services, the company has also introduced complementary digital solutions, allowing businesses to create cohesive advertising campaigns across different mediums.

The revamped branding represents an evolution for Best Version Media, showcasing its growth and expanded product offerings while paying homage to its roots. The company aims to exude confidence while maintaining its original identity.

Mitch Writt, PR Manager at Best Version Media, explained the rationale behind the rebranding, saying, “We wanted our new branding to exude confidence without losing our original identity. We are continuously evolving and offering better opportunities, and we wanted our visuals to better communicate our direction for the future.”

Kevin O’Brien, CEO of Best Version Media, expressed his enthusiasm for the new brand identity during a company-wide virtual conference, stating, “As our business continues to grow and reach new milestones, our brand identity should reflect that progress. This brand evolution enables us to adapt to new trends and ensure that our products and messaging align with market demands.”

Best Version Media is expanding into new communities on a monthly basis and adding value-driven solutions to its lineup of advertising services. The company collaborates with tens of thousands of local businesses in the United States and Canada, aiming to unite and empower communities one person, one home, and one business at a time.

About Best Version Media:

Best Version Media is an advertising solutions provider that strengthens communities and connects local businesses to customers through innovative print and digital advertising strategies. To learn more about Best Version Media’s new brand identity and services, visit www.bestversionmedia.com.

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