4 October 2023

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Oman’s be’ah to Develop Waste Trading and Collection Platform

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Oman’s be’ah to Develop Waste Trading and Collection Platform

Oman Environmental Services Holding Company, be’ah, is taking steps towards bolstering the circular economy with the development of a waste trading and collection platform. This digital move aligns with the company’s strategic ambition to harness waste streams and recover valuable resources. The platform aims to enhance recycling rates and maximize the value retention of waste generated in Oman.

The platform will serve as an online marketplace for auctions, offering real-time pricing references. It simplifies transactions of recyclable materials in the local market, providing a transparent hub for waste generators, recyclers, and traders to engage in live auctions. The platform will also offer services such as estimates, seamless online payment gateways, and monitoring of waste-flow post-transaction.

To ensure efficient waste management, the platform plans to offer collection services, tracking the movement of recyclables and the accompanying financial transactions. The revenue model of the platform will rely on a mix of subscription and transaction fees.

be’ah aims to address the low recycling rates in Oman, as currently only a modest percentage of recyclable waste streams are captured and recycled. This presents a significant opportunity for investments, promising economic benefits, SME growth, job creation, and broader economic development. The company has highlighted potential investment areas such as scrap copper, fish waste, engine oil, glass, wood, used tyres, and plastic.

The development of this waste trading and collection platform demonstrates Oman’s commitment to the circular economy and sustainable waste management. By simplifying and enhancing the recycling process, be’ah aims to maximize the utilization of waste resources and contribute to a more sustainable future in the sultanate.

– Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (be’ah) Tender Document