24 September 2023

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Asus ROG Ally Z1: Weaker Than the Steam Deck, But Why?

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Asus ROG Ally Z1: Weaker Than the Steam Deck, But Why?

The Asus ROG Ally Z1, with its Ryzen Z1 processor, is a handheld device that falls short in comparison to both its predecessor, the Z1 Extreme, and the Steam Deck. While it boasts a beautiful 1080p screen and is lightweight and comfortable to use, its weak battery life and inferior performance make it hard to find a target audience.

The main difference between the Z1 Extreme and Z1 models lies in the processor. The Z1 has fewer CPU and GPU cores, resulting in lower performance capabilities compared to the Z1 Extreme. In fact, even the Steam Deck outperforms the ROG Ally Z1 due to its higher core count.

In testing, the Steam Deck consistently outperformed the ROG Ally Z1 in various games, with noticeable differences in performance, such as in Horizon Zero Dawn and Dying Light 2. While the ROG Ally Z1 may be cheaper than the Steam Deck, it falls short in terms of performance, making the price difference less significant.

Even when comparing the ROG Ally Z1 to the Z1 Extreme, the performance gap is evident. In both the Performance and Turbo modes, the Z1 Extreme model outshines the base Z1 model, making it clear that the latter cannot fully utilize its additional power.

In terms of battery life, the ROG Ally Z1 does not fare well, offering approximately four hours of gameplay in low-demand indie games, and even less time when playing AAA titles. This makes it difficult to enjoy extended gaming sessions without having to recharge frequently.

Overall, the ROG Ally Z1 is a device that seems to exist simply because it can, without any specific audience in mind. Its weaker performance and battery life, paired with the availability of better alternatives like the Steam Deck, make it a less attractive option for gamers.

– Article: Digital Trends – Asus ROG Ally Z1 Review – Jacob Roach