26 September 2023

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The Urgent Need to Support Latino Workers in the Digital Economy

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The Urgent Need to Support Latino Workers in the Digital Economy

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Latinos will comprise 78% of the net new workers entering the labor market between now and 2030. However, more than half of Latinos have low to no digital skills, while 92% of job postings now require some level of digital skills development. These statistics highlight the urgent need to ensure that Latino workers have access to digital skills training opportunities to fully participate in the digital economy.

Diego Deleersnyder, associate director for Policy & Research at the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society program, leads the Latino Digital Inclusion Initiative, which aims to prepare Latinos for the 21st century digital economy. Earlier this summer, the Aspen Principles for Latino Digital Success were released, providing guidelines for effective digital equity efforts targeting the Latino community.

The principles focus on four key areas. The first is digital access, which considers policies and initiatives to improve internet access and digital device availability in the Latino community. The second principle is digital skills, ensuring that digital skills programs align with the needs and expectations of the diverse Latino community.

The third principle is digital empowerment, emphasizing the importance of tools provided companies and organizations to help employees succeed in their careers. The fourth principle, sustainability, advocates for sufficient investments and alternative funding sources to support long-term digital equity efforts.

Given the size and projected growth of the Latino workforce, it is crucial for the public, nonprofit, and private sectors to take action now to equip Latino workers with the necessary skills. Neglecting to do so could have a negative impact on the competitiveness of the U.S. economy as a whole.

Title: The Urgent Need to Support Latino Workers in the Digital Economy
Summary: With Latinos constituting a significant portion of the workforce and facing a skills gap in the digital economy, initiatives like the Latino Digital Inclusion Initiative and the Aspen Principles for Latino Digital Success are essential for ensuring access, skills development, empowerment, and sustainability for Latino workers in the digital age.

– Digital skills: The ability to use and navigate digital technologies effectively, including computer literacy, online communication, and information management.
– Digital equity: The fair and equal access to digital tools, resources, and opportunities, regardless of socioeconomic status or background.

– Ramona Schindelheim, Working Nation
– Public News Service