4 October 2023

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Seattle Opens Applications for 2024 Digital Equity Grants

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Seattle Opens Applications for 2024 Digital Equity Grants

Seattle is offering digital equity grants to non-profit organizations and community groups as part of its ongoing efforts to bridge the digital divide. The grants, which amount to up to $35,000, aim to increase internet access and adoption providing various services and resources.

One of the key components of the grant program is digital navigator services, which offer one-on-one or small group assistance to residents in using their devices, connecting to the internet, and signing up for low-cost internet plans. In addition, digital literacy classes and workshops will be provided to new technology users, helping them develop the necessary skills to navigate the digital world.

The grants also prioritize the provision of devices and technical support to ensure individuals have the necessary tools to engage with technology effectively. Furthermore, efforts to expand internet connectivity, such as increasing Wi-Fi access, will be supported in order to serve low-income residents.

To learn more about the grants and the application process, interested parties can attend virtual grant information sessions offered throughout the fall. These sessions provide valuable information and do not require registration. Applications must be submitted noon on November 9, 2023, and winners will be notified in February 2024.

The digital equity grant program is an integral part of the Seattle Information Department’s Digital Equity Program, which aims to provide secure, reliable, and compliant technologies to ensure equitable and responsive services to the public.

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