23 September 2023

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New Refresh for Apple AirPods Pro Gen 2: Lossless Audio and More

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New Refresh for Apple AirPods Pro Gen 2: Lossless Audio and More

Apple has quietly announced a not-so-minor refresh to its AirPods Pro Gen 2 wireless earbuds amidst the slew of new product launches. While the addition of USB-C is expected, making the AirPods Pro the first Apple headphones to ditch the Lightning connector, the company has also introduced a groundbreaking feature: the ability to support lossless audio wirelessly. This is a first for the AirPods family and a rarity among non-Apple wireless audio devices.

The AirPods Pro now support lossless audio at a resolution of 20-bit/48 kHz, surpassing the quality of CDs. However, there is a catch. This wireless audio capability is currently powered the AirPods Pro’s H2 chip and only works when paired with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset. While Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless Bluetooth codec currently supports lossless audio wirelessly, it is limited to 16-bit/48 kHz. Apple’s new wireless protocol is likely not Bluetooth, as it may require more bandwidth than Bluetooth can sustain, and could possibly utilize ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is already utilized Apple for precise location tracking of devices.

Apple has also stated that the new wireless protocol will offer ultra-low latency, which is crucial for gaming and ensuring synchronization between audio and visual on devices like the Vision Pro. This low latency feature is another benefit of UWB technology, which enables rapid data transmission.

It remains unclear if the previous AirPods Pro Gen 2 with the Lightning charging case will also receive the lossless audio update. Apple’s announcement seems to suggest that only the USB-C model will support lossless audio, but further details are needed for clarification.

Overall, Apple’s refresh to the AirPods Pro Gen 2 introduces lossless audio and other features, making them a promising choice for audiophiles and gamers seeking high-quality wireless audio experiences.

– Apple (Screenshot/Apple)
– Qualcomm