4 October 2023

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Apex Legends Players Express Frustration Over Unfair Advantage Granted Macros

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Apex Legends Players Express Frustration Over Unfair Advantage Granted  Macros

Apex Legends, one of the leading battle royale games in the industry, attracts players with its competitive nature and the ability to see improvement over time. However, recently, players have voiced their concerns regarding the use of macros, which they believe have created an insurmountable skill gap and an unfair gaming experience.

Macro usage in Apex Legends has become a contentious issue, particularly due to the advantages it provides based on the input system being used, such as MnK or controller, and the specific service used to play the game. Players claim that macros grant an unfair advantage in movement, with some describing opponents as effortlessly performing complex maneuvers at an extraordinary speed.

This exploitation of macros has led to frustration among players, who believe that it has made the game “literally impossible to play.” Many players have taken to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction, criticizing the developer, Respawn Entertainment, for not addressing the issue adequately. Some players argue that a larger overhaul of the game, particularly the “steam controller configs,” is necessary to combat the problem.

A macro is a shortcut that allows players to execute a particular move or mechanic in a game pressing fewer buttons than usual. This can drastically alter gameplay styles and the overall experience for both the user and their opponents. Despite the grievances caused macros, the recent Revenant Reborn Season 18 update from Respawn Entertainment was met with overwhelming positive feedback from players.

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