26 September 2023

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The Factory of the Future: Alpine Group Partners with FibreTrace to Drive Sustainable Transformation in the Fashion Industry

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The Factory of the Future: Alpine Group Partners with FibreTrace to Drive Sustainable Transformation in the Fashion Industry

Alpine Group’s Egypt-based manufacturing operations, Alex Apparels, is set to unveil ‘The Factory of the Future’ in Q1 2024. In collaboration with FibreTrace, the partnership aims to provide consumers with the ability to trace their garments’ journey using QR code scans on their mobile devices.

FibreTrace technology offers a unique “journey of textile fibres,” combining digital and physical tracking. By embedding luminescent pigments within raw fibres, the company enables these fibres to be tracked and verified through scanning devices. All tracking information is recorded within a digital blockchain solution, effectively creating a digital passport for each product.

Shannon Mercer, CEO of FibreTrace, believes that the partnership with Alpine Group will drive sustainable transformation in the textile and apparel industry. Together, they aim to accelerate access to responsible and traceable fibres from manufacturing to the finished garments.

Ashok Mahtani, co-founder and chairman of Paradise Textiles, Alpine Group’s material science and innovation hub, stresses the urgent need for change in the fashion industry. With the high negative impact of processing in fashion, scaling climate-positive technologies is crucial for sustainability. Alpine Group’s mission is to innovate materials and products that mitigate these impacts and enhance positive outcomes.

Alpine Group’s head of impact, Clare Woodford, envisions a sustainable fashion future. By harnessing innovation and manufacturing expertise, they aim to lead brands and partners towards a more sustainable model. Every Thread Counts, Every Person Counts, and Every Action Counts in their holistic ecosystem.

FibreTrace’s technology will be available in Q1 2024, coinciding with the launch of Paradise’s collection of sustainable and performance fabrics, the ‘Fuze Family,’ which includes textile-to-textile recycling technology, GreenFuze Circle.

In addition to ‘The Factory of the Future,’ Alpine Group is expanding its operations in Egypt with a sustainable knitting and dyeing mill. Both facilities are designed with sustainability in mind, focusing on water optimization, renewable energy, and zero carbon emissions. These initiatives will create thousands of jobs for the local community and align with Alpine Group’s commitment to a more sustainable fashion industry.

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