4 October 2023

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Abdul Latif Jameel Selects AWS as Preferred Cloud Provider for Digital Transformation and Renewable Energy Initiatives

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Abdul Latif Jameel Selects AWS as Preferred Cloud Provider for Digital Transformation and Renewable Energy Initiatives

Abdul Latif Jameel, a globally diversified business, has announced its selection of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider for its digital transformation efforts across key sectors such as mobility, energy, health, and financial services. As part of this collaboration, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a subsidiary of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, will provide clean and renewable energy capacity to power Amazon’s operations.

Abdul Latif Jameel plans to utilize AWS’s analytics, machine learning, and generative AI capabilities to develop new applications and drive innovation across various industries. With AWS services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and AWS Lake Formation, Abdul Latif Jameel will store and secure financial data to drive customer enhancements and process improvements. The company will also leverage Amazon Bedrock, an API service, to develop generative AI applications that enhance digital showroom experiences for car manufacturers and reduce development costs.

Furthermore, Abdul Latif Jameel is committed to environmental responsibility. It aims to reduce its carbon footprint migrating its on-premises IT workloads to AWS. Additionally, through an agreement with FRV, Abdul Latif Jameel will receive renewable energy from five solar projects in Spain, generating over 1.5 terawatt-hours of clean energy annually, enough to power more than 400,000 European homes.

Mo Chaara, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Abdul Latif Jameel, expressed that the company’s digital transformation on AWS will prioritize sustainability and customer-centric strategies, leading to cost optimization, product innovation, and increased synergies.

Fernando Salinas, Managing Director of FRV Iberia, highlighted the collaborative effort to drive renewable energy accessibility and decarbonization in the electricity sector, contributing to economic, social, and environmental advancements for future generations.

Yasser Hassan, AWS Managing Director of Commercial Sector for the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT), emphasized the shared goals of reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainability through cloud-first strategies and renewable energy utilization.

These initiatives Abdul Latif Jameel and AWS reflect their commitment to a digital and sustainable future, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and renewable energy sources to drive positive change.

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