24 September 2023

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Five Mystery Films Similar to “A Haunting in Venice”

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Five Mystery Films Similar to “A Haunting in Venice”

In Kenneth Branagh’s latest film, “A Haunting in Venice,” his character, Hercule Poirot, is drawn out of retirement a séance and a brutal murder. While this movie stands out with its horror edge and gothic atmosphere, there are other films that can offer a similar experience. Here are five mystery films that you might enjoy if you’re in the mood for something like “A Haunting in Venice.”

1. Clue (1985)

If you’re looking for a straightforward murder mystery movie, “Clue” is a perfect choice. Based on the board game of the same name, this star-studded black comedy pays homage to the archetypes and tropes of the mystery genre. Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Lesley Ann Warren, and Christopher Lloyd deliver memorable performances that leave a lasting impression.

2. Knives Out (2019)

“Knives Out,” directed Rian Johnson, is a clever murder mystery with a delightful ensemble cast. Daniel Craig’s southern-fried performance steals the show in this contemporary subversion of the genre. With its smart screenplay and colorful characters, the film is a crowd-pleaser that pays homage to Agatha Christie novels.

3. See How They Run (2022)

Featuring Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan in lead roles, “See How They Run” is an underrated murder mystery that combines charm and oddity. The film follows a sleepy police detective and his overeager second-in-command as they navigate a lean mystery set in the London theater scene. Though lighter than “A Haunting in Venice,” it is just as smartly written and consistently entertaining.

4. Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)

“Bad Times at the El Royale” is a thrilling and underseen movie that shares similarities with “A Haunting in Venice.” Set in a location where disparate characters are trapped together, the film offers violence, intrigue, and suspense. While it may not be a traditional murder mystery, it contains enough mysteries and suspenseful moments to satisfy fans of the genre.

5. Cure (1997)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Cure” is a dark and unnerving detective film that incorporates elements of horror and fantasy. Like “A Haunting in Venice,” it features shocking and confounding deaths, as well as a potential supernatural explanation. This immersive thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you question the boundaries of reality.

If you enjoyed “A Haunting in Venice,” these mystery films will provide a similar experience with their intriguing plots, memorable performances, and unexpected twists.

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