26 September 2023

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Exploring Procreate: Tips and Tutorials for Digital Artists

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Exploring Procreate: Tips and Tutorials for Digital Artists

Procreate has become an essential tool for digital artists, offering a wide range of features and tools to create stunning artwork. This article will introduce you to some of the best Procreate tutorials available online, covering everything from beginner-level tips to intermediate techniques for more experienced artists.

For beginners, there are tutorials that focus on mastering color and light using Procreate. Illustrator Jana Schirmer shares her step--step advice on how to balance color in a scene, while artist Gavin O’Donnell teaches you how to analyze master artworks and recreate famous painting techniques using Procreate. Tatiana Svistunova explores the tools released in Procreate 4, including the Wet Mix feature, which is particularly useful for artists transitioning from traditional to digital art.

If you are looking to improve your understanding of values in painting, Min Yum’s tutorial on painting with a limited color palette is worth checking out. By reducing colors, you can better understand the light and shade of a painting, creating a stronger illustration.

Moving on to intermediate techniques, Max Ulichney demonstrates how to use Procreate’s text tools to enhance your artwork, opening up new creative possibilities. Rafael Sarmento shows how Procreate can be used to rework old sketches, giving new life to unfinished artwork. Mike McCain takes advantage of Procreate’s mobility to create digital plein air paintings, allowing artists to paint on the go.

For artists who want to experiment with Procreate brushes, Rafael Sarmento’s tutorial provides inspiration and guidance. Additionally, there are tutorials Audra Auclair on painting surreal sci-fi characters and Paul Kwon on drawing anime characters. These tutorials offer valuable insights into the techniques and workflows of professional artists.

Procreate is continuously evolving, with new tools and features being released in each version. These tutorials will help you make the most of this award-winning app and unleash your creativity.

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