24 September 2023

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10 Small Digital Marketing Strategy Hacks to Improve ROI

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10 Small Digital Marketing Strategy Hacks to Improve ROI

Have you ever evaluated your website from the perspective of a customer? It’s important to regularly test your systems and assets to ensure they are effective in achieving your digital marketing goals. Even small changes can make a big difference. Here are 10 small digital marketing strategy hacks that can help improve your return on investment (ROI).

1. Replace One-Time Pieces with Evergreen Content: Evergreen content is timeless and can be promoted at any time, saving you time and money. Additionally, maintaining consistent elements across seasonal campaigns can build brand recognition.

2. Prune Your SEM Spend: Review your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and focus on keywords that are most relevant to your business. Removing irrelevant terms can help optimize your SEM spend.

3. Optimize Your Follow-Up Emails: Include a call-to-action in transactional emails to encourage customers to leave reviews or share their experiences. This can improve engagement and marketing efforts without additional costs.

4. Audit Search Ads and Landing Pages: Periodically review your search ads and landing pages for consistency in messaging, color schemes, and promotions. Also, ensure that all links on landing pages are working and ads are relevant.

5. Continually Optimize Prices: Regularly review and update your pricing strategy to maximize revenue. Implement a pricing process and quantify your buyer personas to make informed decisions.

6. Create a “Swipe File”: Like copywriters, digital marketers can benefit from keeping a collection of inspiring content for future reference. Save screenshots of great pricing pages, sales copy, and color schemes to stimulate creativity when needed.

7. Improve Your Pricing Page: Design your pricing page to be clean and customer-focused. Highlight upgrades and keep the table small to simplify the purchasing decision.

8. Streamline Your Checkout Page: Optimize your checkout page removing unnecessary fields and allowing guest checkouts. Include testimonials to reduce buyer’s remorse and improve conversions.

9. Celebrate Your Influential Partners: Recognize and acknowledge influential partners and brand evangelists publicly. This encourages them to continue supporting your business and attracts others to advocate for your brand.

10. Implement Customer Retention Strategies: Good customer service is crucial for referrals and repeat business. A small increase in customer retention can lead to significant cost savings.

Improving your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. By implementing these small hacks, you can see improvements in sales, company growth, and customer satisfaction.

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