26 September 2023

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The Rise and Fall of Generative AI Chatbots: Is the Hype Over?

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The Rise and Fall of Generative AI Chatbots: Is the Hype Over?

Generative AI technology burst onto the scene with tremendous excitement and fear. The ability to create images and words from a single text prompt fascinated people, but it also raised concerns about job loss, the blurring of reality and computer-generated content, and even the potential end of humanity. However, several months later, the bloom is starting to fade.

Governments are increasing efforts to regulate generative AI, creators are embroiled in lawsuits over intellectual property, and privacy concerns are causing people to question the accuracy and dependence on AI-powered chatbots. Recent reports suggest that consumer interest in these technologies is waning. The Bing search engine, powered AI, has had negligible impact on Google’s market share. ChatGPT, one of the leading generative AI chatbots, is losing users and facing issues of trust due to frequent errors and inaccuracies.

Despite the initial excitement, it appears that people may not be as enamored with chatbots as expected. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, in partnership with Microsoft, made headlines as one of the first accessible generative AI tools. Microsoft incorporated ChatGPT into Bing, aiming to revolutionize web search consolidating information from multiple websites into a single AI-generated response. However, Bing’s market share has remained relatively stagnant, with reports suggesting that consumers have not embraced the new AI-infused search experience.

Similarly, ChatGPT’s popularity seems to be waning. Traffic to the ChatGPT website dropped nearly 10% in June, and its iPhone app downloads have declined. Google, on the other hand, has been cautious with its own chatbot, Bard, keeping it separate from the main search page and labeling it as experimental due to its potential for displaying inaccurate or offensive information.

The decline in interest and user engagement with generative AI chatbots raises questions about the feasibility of the technology’s transformational potential. While the initial hype was immense, the practical reinvention of web search and communication with AI may take longer than anticipated. However, this does not diminish the fact that generative AI remains a powerful technology with significant future prospects.

– Author: Vox Technology
– Source: https://www.vox.com/recode/2022/7/12/23201255/generative-ai-chatbots-bing-microsoft-chatgpt-openai-google-bard