24 September 2023

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Collaboration Between Globant, LaLiga Tech, and Microsoft to Enhance Sports Data and Fan Experience

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Collaboration Between Globant, LaLiga Tech, and Microsoft to Enhance Sports Data and Fan Experience

Globant and LaLiga Tech have joined forces with Microsoft to embark on a series of initiatives aimed at utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform various aspects of sports. The collaboration, which initially focused on football, will now extend to other sports such as basketball, rug, and tennis.

The projects underway seek to enhance the available data for coaches, enable real-time decision-making, generate personalized content for fans across the globe, and provide immersive materials for broadcasters. The collaboration will utilize the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which grants access to advanced AI tools including data analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Some of the specific initiatives include NRT Multi Language Subtitles, an automatic multilingual subtitle generation system for live sports matches; Automatic Sports Content Translations, which allows sports organizations to translate their content into multiple languages; and Mediacoach Metrics, an update to LaLiga Tech’s sports data visualization platform that provides real-time metrics to coaches using AI analysis of player and ball movements captured perimeter cameras.

Additionally, the collaboration aims to deliver personalized content to enhance fan engagement and reduce churn. The use of AI models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 will enable the generation of relevant content for fans and clubs.

Since its inception, Globant has been at the forefront of using AI and data to drive productivity and efficiency. This partnership with LaLiga Tech and Microsoft marks an extension of their capabilities to revolutionize the world of sports. LaLiga Tech combines Globant’s technology expertise with LaLiga’s sporting knowledge to create innovative solutions.

Microsoft Spain has expressed excitement about the possibilities that AI brings to the sports industry and remains committed to using technology to drive positive change in the field.

With its focus on AI and technology innovation, LaLiga Tech is dedicated to providing world-class products and services to sports fans worldwide. The collaboration with Globant and Microsoft aligns with the principles of the AI Manifesto, ensuring ethical and socially responsible development.

Overall, this collaboration between Globant, LaLiga Tech, and Microsoft aims to leverage AI to enhance sports data, fan experience, and the digital transformation of the sports industry.

– Globant PRNewswire
– LaLiga Tech