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Fantasy Flight’s New RPG Genesys Lets You Adapt The Rules To Any Setting

Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with a new Role Playing Game System called Genesys. The new RPG allows players to take the rules and apply it to any setting.

Genesys uses Fantasy Flight’s narrative dice system, which you’ll recognize if you’ve played their Star Wars RPG.


The narrative dice system has players roll dice when they are attempting skill tests. The main dice you’ll be rolling will be the Ability and Difficulty Dice. But instead of numbers on the dice, there are symbols. Those symbols will give you successes, advantages, failures and disadvantages.

The great thing about these dice is that even if you fail to accomplish your task, you could still be left with a few advantages. You can then use these advantages to flesh out your story. Maybe you grab some cover in a gunfight, or maybe you avoid detection as you are trying to pick a lock. There’s a lot more nuance to the narrative dice system, and Fantasy Flight goes into much more detail about how it works on their Genesys Product Page.

Genesys Dice

I love the way the narrative dice system works. It truly is a versatile and exciting system, and it encourages the players and the GM to be creative. I’m excited that Fantasy Flight further developed this system beyond their Star Wars RPGs, because it truly encourages storytelling.

The Genesys Core Rulebook will come with an overview of the rules and will explain how the narrative dice system works. It will also come with five different settings to begin playing in. The five settings included in the book are Fantasy, Steampunk, Weird War, Modern Day, and Science Fiction. GMs can use the resources in the book to create their own worlds with whatever setting they want.

The Genesys Core Rulebook will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017 and will cost $39.95. A pack of the Genesys dice will cost you $14.95.

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